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About Us

UHATIN?® UNIVERSITY (UHU) is determined to eradicate the ABVs (Abuse, Bullying & Violence) from Schools, Sports and Communities around the world.  With music and outreach programs delivered by UHU Ambassadors, we are making a huge difference.

NO KID should be harassed at school.

OUR MANTRA: Lift People Up

OUR MISSION: Make it popular not to hate.

Making it good in every hood...

There is too much violence and abuse going in the world and hate is responsible for more death and scars than cancer, HIV and heart disease combined.

The chorus to our theme song says it all: 

“We never make the same mistakes. We do the opposite and campaign to bury the hate. Divided we all fall, together we stand tall. I’m talkin’ to all y’all ~ CHANGE THIS WORLD TOGETHER!”

Thanks so much for your support ~ enjoy the reactions you get wearing the UHU Gear. 




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